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should section be inside main

I'd say, that the header and footer should be completely separate from the main in most cases. Is there a better way so that I'm not moving the main navigation from inside to outside the masthead

element based on the inclusion or exclusion of secondary navigation? Mozilla states "A rule of thumb is that a section should logically appear in the outline of a document.". As @m.a.riosv said it's ok on my platform (windows 7/64 & LibO 5) with Insert Section even if the character before the start of the section is in the previous section. To expand on what @JoshuaMaddox said, in the MDN Learning Area, under the "Introduction to HTML" section, the Document and website structure sub-section says (bold/emphasis is by me): Usually a big strip across the top with a big heading and/or logo. in a proper hierarchy without skipping levels. The “Avoiding common HTML5 mistakes” link above links to a subsection titled “Don’t use section as a wrapper for styling”. Should a