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Custom urls can be added into rule text by using the format [Text](url). Adds a role to targeted user(s). I'm trying to test drag and drop events using react-testing-library, but I'm having some difficulty with the dataTransfer object. !iam : sets your profile (ex: !iam Gilgamesh Eanae Hikari) !whois : displays users saved profile (ex: !whois @Eanae) !whoami : displays your saved profile. All commands under this module are also logged to the Actions channel. News will be posted and if you ever feel you don't want it anymore simply delete the webhook and you're done! With my features, you can play games, earn money with an economic ID can be found using the !notes !warnings !strikes commands. 2,845,117. Your token can be obtained from the My Bots page. Character commands can be used to display information about FFXIV characters: Item commands can be used to search for items, actions, traits, recipes, calculate values and more: Please Note: This feature temporarily requires users to have a Role called "Partyfinder" in order to use it. Type can be DPS (default) or RDPS, Displays record heal logs for a character. Got any questions or suggestions? Strikes are permanent marks against a user and can be used for your own internal ban policies if you wish. You can even include a date up to 7 days in the future however a date is not required to set a time+timezone. Reminder-bot has it restricted for patreons and the other 2 don't seem to offer it. KupoBot FFXIV Commands: !whatsnew : shows new Kupo Bot features !lodestone : Pulls character from the lodestone !iam : sets your profile (ex: !iam … When a user clicks or unclicks a reaction it will assign or remove the role based on the status of the roles they have. Ser Aymeric is a professional, feature-rich & heavily customisable Discord bot packed with features! To automate your news simply join and follow #lodestone-news! Character profile for Kupo Bot. Comment Be part of the community. The command syntax is autorole , Roles will be assigned to users when they join your server, save their character (!iam server first last), use a blank iam command (!iam) or verify their character (!iam verify). You may configure all three modes with whichever settings suit your server. This Trolly command is for fun & games and does not mean a user is bad. KingSnail May 11, 2019 at 11:33 am. Moderation, reaction roles, custom commands, music, server stats & analytics, level-up system & ranks with rewards, streaming Have a bunch of guides you need to share? Connect via private message. Example of creating a new message and the resulting message from Kupo Bot: Example of adding and removing a reaction to an existing message: Kupo Bot helps staff track user behavior in a way that ensures the whole team has visibility. KupoBot FFXIV Commands: !whatsnew : shows new Kupo Bot features. RPG Crossing Home RPG Crossing is a 30,000+ member online community that focuses on play by post role playing games (PBP RPG) and features such systems as Dungeons and Dragons (2e, 3e Refer to documentation below. You may toggle this feature using the !autonick command, Nicknames will be assigned to users when they join your server, save their character (!iam server first last), use a blank iam command (!iam) or verify their character (!iam verify). Inputting times should be done in EST - a future feature update will allow you to customize this timezone as well. Removes a role from targeted user(s). 0 for no, 1 for yes, Duration - how long is the group activity? is the number one paste tool since 2002. !lodestone : Pulls character from the lodestone. 3 of 3. Must be issued to Kupo Bot via DMs, Displays server stats for your current shard, Generates a random number between X and Y, translate , Displays a list of valid languages for the translate command, Displays help article on a specific command. Statbot is a Discord server analytics and logging bot complete with a responsive dashboard, accurate & high-uptime Bot, constant updates, and the best support team around. commands that Ava has, along with a short description of what each command does. administration commands, highly customizable and much more! くにまりです。 All flagged messages are posted to the dedicated Spam Channel. If a Action Logs Channel exists Kupo Bot will send a notification whenever a message is created or edited and when reactions are added or removed. Partyfinder (PF) commands can be used organize groups for running FFXIV content on your Discord server. 21st Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon. After (or is it before?) Use keyboard below to summon some commands. gutter drop calculator, There are many gutter guards to choose from to best suit a variety of home styles, budgets, and personal preferences, including: Drop-In Screens. Resources uses similar logic to Rules with the addition of resource images to allow your staff to collectively manage a pool of resources for your server. sometime in the next 24 hours). This persists across username changes, nicknames, etc. Minimal set up required! Thanks for watching, liking and subscribing! A command for viewers as long as Cock Tears are at Tier I. Everyone: #blast: A command only used by viewer at Cock Tears Tier III, to attempt to blast a lot of the Moderators Cock Tears. Kupo Bot allows server owners to automatically change user nicknames to match their saved Kupo Bot character. With my features, you can play games, earn money with an economic systeme and more ! Please refer to the Configuring KupoBot page for details. Sick of users DMing half your staff to raise issues? launching a new site, you often want to validate it against a checklist and make sure the title is filled, gzip is enabled, robots.txt and sitemap.xml are all there etc. This will create a web hook for you without Kupo Bot ever even joining your server! Max 100, Disables from being used in , removechannelignore , Enables disabled from being used in , Displays list of all ignored commands on your server, Toggles automatic nickname assignment. Increase Kupo Bot's storage capacity. A valid list of images can be found using !resources validimages, Shows Discord user's notes/warnings/strikes or all server warnings if no user provided, Warns a Discord user. Easy. Hades⚡ is a multifunctional bot who will help you to do long tasks easier and quicklier. Kicks a Discord user. The message will be cleared all reactions and remove the specified reaction. Become a patron to. Oschon, the Wanderer WHAT IS SETUP BOT? The discord bot should now properly give a full 24 hours of events reguardless of your timezone and respecting daylights savings time borders for anywhere in Microsoft’s TimeZoneInfo database. Removes a reaction from a message. Kupo Bot Help Commands. Kupo Bot's prefix can be changed to any single non-alphanumeric value with the !modcmd setprefix command. Replies to a ticket. Users. World and Game commands can be used to get information about Datacenters, Servers, and game systems: Commands for viewing FFLogs parses for individuals, groups and servers: Time & Weather commands can be used to check game time, daily/weekly resets, maintenance windows and more: Commands for polling threads from the FFXIV reddit: Game Platform commands can be used to associate your Kupo Bot profile to numerous gaming services: Miscellaneous commands relating to Kupo Bot itself: Saves your character to be called with other commands, iamid , Deletes your saved character from Kupo Bot, Displays lodestone information for your character, Displays lodestone information for a character, lodestone , Saves your current lodestone glamour to a job, Shows a Discord user's saved glam based on job name, Displays combat classes for a Discord user, Displays crafter classes for a Discord user, gatherers , Displays gatherer classes for a character, Displays gatherer classes for a Discord user, Displays character/server name for a Discord user, achievements , Displays the last 5 achievements for a character, Displays the last 5 achievements for a Discord user, Displays the character with the most achievement points, Displayers the equipped gear/materia for a character, Displayers the equipped gear/materia for a Discord user, attributes , Displays the mount/minion collection for a Discord user, collection , Displays the mount/minion collection for a character, Displays a list of market prices for a server, Displays the sale history of a market item, Displays node information for a FFXIV Item, Displays image of a FFXIV Item with a specific gender/race combo, Displays information for a FFXIV Skill or Spell, Displays information for a FFXIV Buff or Debuff, Displays information for a FFXIV PvP Skill or Spell, Calculates GCD using Skill or Speed Speed, Calculates Skill or Spell Speed using GCD, Displays cross information for a FFXIV Gardening Item, pf [player_comp] [date] [time] [timezone] , rr add <@DiscordRole>

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